Güler İplik
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#Güler İplik, Araştırmacı yapısı ile yüksek teknoloji kullanarak müşteri odaklı çözüm uygulayan endüstriyel dikiş ipliği üretici firmasıdır. Ürünlerini...#...

About Us

   Our company was founded in 1974 under the name GULER TEXTILE MACHINES. For 10 years, we designed, produced and sold textile machines to a variety of companies. With the technical knowledge gained from producing machinery, GULER IPLIK was formed. Since 1984, GULER IPLIK has been producing high quality sewing thread, and has remained an industry leader ever since.

  Committed to maintaining superior standards and quality product since the beginning, GULER IPLIK has evolved into a lasting brand name. We have been in business for more than 25 years, thanks to the loyalty and support of our customers. We are dedicated to providing high quality sewing thread for many years to come, and will work hard to continue improving our products and production.

  At GULER IPLIK, we know that the success of our customers is directly related to our own success, and we strive to maintain strong, lasting business relationships.

Best regards.